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The Feelings: Bad Dream

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Bad Dream

Bad Dreams affect us all. Could be the middle of the night and you wake up, startled, clutching the duvet for safety. It takes a while to realise you are safely in your bed and the danger wasn't real. Or waking in the morning with a sad feeling left from a sad dream that hurt and upset you.
Keep a Bad Dream nearby and they'll soak up all that emotion leaving you with a peaceful nights sleep.

Bad Dream talismans can ward off bad dreams. If you already have one, the others don't tend to bother you so much. So it's worthwhile keeping one close by.

Each Bad Dream is entirely hand sculpted and glazed and engraved with a teeny TC. No two will be the same.

They roughly measure between 0.5” - 0.75"
They come in brightly coloured organza bags and have collector cards.

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