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Subconscious Dwellings: Zen

£100.00 / On Sale

One of the best ways to help heal your subconscious is to actively take time out. Make time just for you. This could be booking in to a spa, or making a massage appointment, getting your hair done or just finding half an hour to have a bath or read a good book. Even if it is simply five minutes to stop and have a cup of your favourite tea.

‘Me time’ is vital to a healthy state of mind. So make sure you are taking care of yourself and finding time to just be.

The house stands at 9" tall and is completely hand made from plastic, plaster and paint.

All furniture is removable. The working light is attached by a magnet and is battery powered so you can simply twist off the back of the light and replace if it runs out.

Furniture consists of:
A handmade felt lotus flower
A ceramic incense cone holder and incense cone
Pebbles and healing crystals
White sand
Removable ladder and light
A Feeling Talisman (randomly selected)

Every aspect is completely handmade. These houses are unique as are all the furnishings.

Subconscious Dwellings is my personal exploration of our inner minds. We are all unique and therefore it makes sense that our subconscious minds are also unique.
Each ‘dwelling’ is set up to be a functional, art doll house, whilst also being a unique piece of handmade art.


These houses will be posted via insured Royal Mail postage and will be fully insured for the full house price.

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