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Positive Thoughts : Root Chakra Edition


Positive thoughts flutter all around us, but often it can be really difficult to actually see them. Our worries, anxieties and stresses in life cause a dark fog to surround us and in these times, finding that little positive thought is too hard.

But they are out there. I promise you!

I’ve been on a mission to find them and I’ve captured some beautifully bright thoughts. In earthy colours and with bright little eyes. These special thoughts are also adorned with a real, red garnet. This is the perfect healing stone for your root chakra.

Learn how to heal your root chakra here: http://tayloredcuriosities.com/healing-your-root-chakra/

Keep these wild positive thoughts in your pocket during stressful times or on your desk to remind you that you can finish that piece of work. Maybe on your shelf to keep you smiling or gift one to a friend who needs a little positivity in their world.

Each Positive Thought is handmade and completed with tiny, clear wings. They measure roughly an inch tall and no two will be identical due to their handmade nature.
They arrive in a small, silver gift bag.

*Don't forget to add insured shipping to your basket too if you struggle with postal issues in your area*

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