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Nomads: Ianna


Ianna is a Lepidopteran Nomad. Some Nomads have specific jobs within nature. Lepidopeteran’s are responsible for butterfly and moth care. They nurture the young, advise on the best leaf type for feeding and tend to any wing related issues. Ianna’s speciality is stitching rips in wings so that her wards can fly again.

Nomads are handmade art dolls who love adventure.

This set comes with:
A unique Nomad art doll
Handmade wings
A hand sewn journal (for documenting adventures in or creating your own book of shadows)
A wooden base

All items are completely handmade so will vary between sets.
Dolls measure roughly 2" and have posable legs.

Nomads are packaged in a recycled gift box with description stickers on and the dolls name, so they are ready to gift to that wandering soul in your life.

Nomads are fully copyright protected under the copyright law with certificates of proof. © Taylored Curiosities. All Rights Reserved. Not to be replicated. These images are not to be used without the permission of the copyright holder.