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Netherknowle Adventure Set


The set includes a Vinaria (a horse like species that are always glad to have a passenger on board and love grazing when they aren’t needed for adventures), a Spriggledop (which connects to the Vinaria with magnets), a Mushling (these critters live among the compost and fungi and are expert navigators), a Spriggledop notebook and three illustrated stickers of the Netherknowle inhabitants.

Vinaria 2.5″
Pockeldip 1.5 cm
Mushling 1.5 cm
Notebook A5
Stickers 3″

Where will you venture? Compostria where the Mushlings live? Nectaria where the Jaxlbods reside? Podton, home to the Spriggledops? Pockrule, watery home of the Pockeldips? Or maybe to the light fields, the Vinaria pastures, the Rockeries to explore their hidden caverns or the Forset of Succulence? If you venture there, don’t forget to visit the elders in the Great Lithopria and learn their wise ways.

Design, story and images are fully copyright protected. © Taylored Curiosities