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Pet Rocks

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Pet Rocks are the best pets in the world!

Who didn't have a pet rock as a kid? I know I did!

So here are a new breed of pet rocks, handmade by myself, especially for you (cue Jason and Kylie).

Pet Rocks are notoriously loyal and I can almost (97.25%) guarantee that they will never run away.

Who will you find in your package? Will it be a boy or a girl? I imagine you're now thinking "How on earth would we know the difference?!" but I assure you it's easy! Female rocks are known for being glam. If your pet has an accessory, then you have a girl!

Add a Rocklet (baby pet rock) to your family by selecting it upon checkout. It will combine your rock and rocklet and a whole family of rocks will be on their way to you. Add a few and make a brood. What about two pet rocks and some rocklets to make a family set. There are lots of combination possibilities.

Each pet rock has their name and my signature on their bottoms as well as coming in stripey gift bags with pet rock stickers on them. They are blind bagged, so you won't know who you have adopted until they reach you.

Each one has been cast from an original sculpt, hand painted and then the girls are accessorised with some florist moss (we all know how girls like to accessorise).

These pets measure roughly 1.5" wide by just over 1" tall and are entirely hand made and painted, so expect differences in each one (just like humans, pet rocks are individuals).

Did you know the study of rocks is called Petrology (it's like they were made to be pets!).

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