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Gift Collection


This gift collection includes one of each:
A Huoli Wisdom Guardian set.
An Anxiety Talisman.
A healing pet rock (Healing crystal type will be random).

**These are limited to just 9 sets. So this is a very limited gift collection offer.**

Huoli Wisdom Guardian.
The Huoli are small beings who live among us, but only those in possession of a seeing stone can view their secret world.
They work very hard to control human emotions/feelings and stop them growing too big and overwhelming us. Many years ago, we couldn’t understand their kind and banished them. They are truly good and stuck around to help us; even though we couldn’t accept them. So now they look after us without us even knowing about it.
The creatures of this world recognise the Huoli and respect them for what they do. They create symbiotic relationships with a whole range of beasts, many you’ll never have even heard of as they too reside in the hidden parts of this land.

Each set comes with a Guardian and two Huoli figures (handpainted and cast from an original sculpt), a seeing stone (made in the same way) and with unique symbols from the ancient Huoli language and the Huoli Fable printed onto aged paper. All packaged in a clear bag with header card. They are 3.5″ tall (not including feathers). As I mix the colour pigments myself, no two will ever be the same.

Anxiety Talismans.
Handmade and handpainted clay Talismans.

Pet Healing Rocks.
Cute, handmade clay rocks with natural healing stones.

The Huoli Worry Dolls and The Feelings are fully copyright protected under the copyright law with certificates of proof. © Taylored Curiosities. All Rights Reserved. Not to be replicated. These images are not to be used without the permission of the copyright holder.