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Hidden Adventures: A ‘lift-the-flap’ zine

£20.00 / Sold Out

A ‘lift-the-flap’ style zine/book.
The illustrations are created from my original illustrations (a combination of watercolours, pencils and oil pastels) printed onto high quality paper. Folded in to a concertina booklet and each ‘lift-able flap’ is individually hand sewn in place.

I won’t show you what’s underneath as it will spoil the surprise, but I will say that when you look under the leaf, rock, tree stump and seed pod, you’ll see plenty of adventure happening. Be brave and take a peek.

Each 5.5” squared book is accompanied by a handmade Nomad doll with linen outfit. Each doll is roughly 2” tall and completely unique. Each one is individually sculpted and painted so no two can be identical. Skin colours vary (#alldifferentallequal) and will be randomly selected.

The Nomads are a small race of beings who want to help you feel brave, to feel confident and to take those risks that could lead to exciting things...